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Yosemite & the Southern Sierra Nevada: A Complete Guide

by David T. Page

Best Travel Guidebook, 2010 (Bay Area Travel Writers)

2009 Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award

Best Guidebook, 2008 (Outdoor Writers Assoc. of CA)

"Open to any page and you'll find a great story, along with details that will inspire travel — and more reading."

Westways (March/April 2010)


"The best flat-out writing. Wonderful intro. Amazing historical and geological context. A kaleidoscope of details."

— Outdoor Writers Association of California


"Local's local reading: a great guide, even if you're already there."

— Lynne Almeida, Spellbinder Books (from Eastside Magazine, Summer 09)

"Whether you want to stand on a glacier, seance with outlaws buried on boothill, or have a beer with local bikers, this is the definitive (as well as wonderfully eccentric) guide to the immensity of the southern Sierra and Owens Valley. John Muir would be pleased."

Mike Davis (City of Quartz, Ecology of Fear, Planet of Slums)

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Jamie Stringfellow, AAA Westways
Magazine, March/April 2010

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"Page's guide is like a treasure map - it's chock-full of tantalizing tidbits that inspire a traveler to go and find more stuff."

Read the full review at
***** A guidebook worth reading.

David Page may have invented a new genre - the literary travel guide. His book starts with natural and cultural history - "Contexts" - the back-stories to the remarkable places he describes in graceful language.

Page has skied, climbed, walked or driven to all of these places and this shows in the how-to-get-there chapter called "Into the Hills".

Each area chapter, Death Valley, Owens Valley and the Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Lakes, Sequoia Kings Canyon and Yosemite, has more context stories and exhaustive listing of places to eat and stay, and things to see and do. The book is crammed with details: you can get rattlesnake empanadas at the Furnace Creek Inn, the location of the only Indian restaurant between LA and Carson City in Nevada, where to check the white-water flows on the Kaweah River, the temperature of Keogh Hot Springs and much more.

Describing the highest, lowest, snowiest, driest, sunniest, and arguably some of the most beautiful places in the US, this book is a splendid resource for exploring a remarkable land. This is a book worth reading, even if you never get to visit these places. But I hope you do.

-- Bill Becher, outdoor writer and photographer (review from
03.10.2008 | Unregistered CommenterBill Becher

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