Explorer's Guide to
(2nd edition)

by David T. Page

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Explorer's Guide Yosemite & the Southern Sierra Nevada - David T. Page
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Burke Griggs shooting Ansel Adams-style (sort of) from the roof of the old Dow Villa Hotel

Owens Valley Accommodations

True destination lodging is scarce in these parts. There are a number of half-abandoned scary-movie motels at regular intervals along Highway 14 before its junction with 395 (many in the business of renting dry acreage to cell phone service providers). There is something of a B&B, open only on weekends, in the former ghost town of Randsburg. There are motels in Ridgecrest catering mostly to those coming in or out of the China Lake Naval Weapons Station. Every town on 395, from Olancha to Bishop, has at least two motels, some of which are remarkable examples of past booms in travel and tourism, first in the late 1920’s and early ‘30’s, then again in the post-war era. Many of these establishments seem to have been neglected since the day they opened. Others prove quite serviceable...

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