Explorer's Guide to
(2nd edition)

by David T. Page

"Open to any page and you'll find a great story, along with details that will inspire travel—and more reading." —Westways 

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Explorer's Guide Yosemite & the Southern Sierra Nevada - David T. Page
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  Death Valley's Secret Stash (Men's Journal)

  Really Old Masters
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The World's Most Traveled Man?

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Skiing CA's 14ers

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Wild Ice

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Rituals: The Last Run

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Blood, Guts & Tarweed: MTB Dawn Patrol on the Ragged Fringe of Sequoia N.P.

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Caption Contest!

What do you mean I have to go back? (Winning caption by Carole Daneri. Photo by Aaron Horowitz, Bluebird Imaging.)

After much consideration and lengthy, sometimes violent debate—resulting in at least one arm-twisting and two lost toenails among the various, far-flung members of our secret panel of judges—an official winner has been chosen! Please raise your respective beverage recepticles for Carole Daneri of Facebookland for her clever and amusing caption:

"What do you mean I have to go back?"

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Mammoth Summer Fun

Alaska Airlines Magazine, Horizon Edition, May 2011Despite 2011's complete glossing-over of spring (not counting the lovely month of Juneuary that followed upon the Great Christmas Blizzard of 2010), we're still hanging onto the deeper belief that summer in the high country is why we're here...

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High and Low Water at Lake Kaweah

These photos were taken on May 15, 2009 and September 11, 2010, respectively. What a difference a season makes!

Derrick Dodd’s Tough [Hen] Story

[From J. M. Hutchings’ In the Heart of the Sierras, 1886]

AS PART OF THE USUAL PROGRAMME, we experimented as to the time taken by different objects in reaching the bottom of the cliff. An ordinary stone tossed over remained in sight an incredibly long time, but finally vanished somewhere about the middle distance. A handkerchief with a stone tied in the corner, was visible perhaps a thousand feet deeper; but even an empty box, watched by a field-glass, could not be traced to its concussion with the Valley floor.

Finally, the landlord appeared on the scene, carrying an antique hen under his arm. This, in spite of the terrified ejaculations and entreaties of the ladies, he deliberately threw over the cliff’s edge.

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Useful, Progressive, Blunt-nosed Mechanical Beetles: John Muir's Notes on Cars in Yosemite

Camping at Stoneman Meadow, Spring 1927. COURTESY NPS, YNIN THE SPRING OF 2010, with the waterfalls in full gush and snow still on the trees, the Mariposa and Tuolumne County Boards of Supervisors announced a decision to honor John Muir — adventurer, writer, conservationist, Sierra Club founder — by designating a section of CA Highway 132 (from CA 49 in Coulterville to CA 120) the "John Muir Highway."

A formal dedication ceremony had been arranged, to feature John Muir’s great grandson, Bill Hanna, and famed John Muir impressionist, Lee Stetson.

"Personally," wrote Loyd Schutte, of the Yosemite Blog, "I think naming a road 'in honor' of a man who fought so hard against the destruction and urbanization of wild places is in poor taste and a shameless media ploy."

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