Explorer's Guide to
(2nd edition)

by David T. Page

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Explorer's Guide Yosemite & the Southern Sierra Nevada - David T. Page
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The backside of the Village at Mammoth

Mammoth Lakes & Mono Accommodations

When a young man by the name of C. Clarke Keely first visited the region with his family in July of 1920—later to become a surveyor on the Los Angeles Aqueduct, and one of the early summer-homestead pioneers of Old Mammoth—the place to stay was Charlie Summers’ ranch, at what had been the old Wildasinn Hotel (now Snowcreek Phase VII).

“The accommodations consisted of three or four little board cottages,” Keely remembered, years later. “There was what was called the lodging house: a long, two-story building with a tub, wash basin and toilet at each far end of the corridor. The water was heated with an old boiler they had brought down from one of the mines.”

The town of Mammoth Lakes now offers the widest range of accommodations in the Southern Sierra—from boutique to luxury-corporate, from vintage-shag to the latest three-story neo-craftsman vacation home with golf course views, giant flat-screen TV’s, and acres of polished-granite countertop.

June Lake boasts the only real destination spa in the region, open year-round. In Lee Vining there are two motel-upgrades worth consideration, both conveniently located for day-trip forays to Mono Lake, Bodie and the Yosemite High Country.

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